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A Killing In The Sun Author, Dilman Dila is coming to SA

dilman berlinale talents 2014We’re so pleased to announce that Dilman Dila will be in SA from the 12th of March till the 21st to speak at the Goethe Institut’s Literary Crossroads and at the UKZN CCA’s 18th Time of the Writer Festival.

details here

A Killing in the Sun

Book details

Available at Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords and Book Lover’s Market

Book Lover’s Market is hiring: Mobile Sales Rep

2014-02-01 13.10.17-2

Over the past few years we have been running pop up stores at the Word N Sound live poetry events, Soweto Arts and Craft Fair as well as other places in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We’d now like to reach more book lovers and bridge the gap between online and offline in a more fun way with regular pop up stores. This is why we’re looking for a book lover, sales-intelligent somebody to help us with this next step.

to read more go to our blog at Book Lover’s Market

book trailer: A Killing in the Sun by Dilman Dila

A Killing in the Sun by Dilman Dila (excerpt)

The short story, A Killing in the Sun was shortlisted by the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2013. This is the title story of the debut collection by storyteller, Dilman Dila.

A Killing in the Sun: As a soldier faces the firing squad, a Sunday school lesson, and memories of his childhood, turn his execution into a horror.


A Killing in the Sun

The trial ended, but the firing squad could not proceed. The doctor was missing. After thirty minutes without word of his whereabouts, the sun became furious. It suspected the soldiers were only putting on a show and would release Mande when public interest in the case evaporated, so it tried to execute him.

In defiance to the sun, Mande did not sweat. Even after standing for three hours in the heat, the only sign that it troubled him was the frown on his face. You could mistake it for fear, especially when he eyed the prosecutor who stood directly opposite him.

He loathed the prosecutor’s uniform, that plain green shirt of educated officers. The symbol of girly soldiers who spoke English instead of Swahili. The mark of cowards who had no experience in battle. Of fools who returned from exile to assume powerful military positions. Idiots who owed their existence to the President’s insane plan of ‘professionalizing’ the army.

He liked the three judges. They sat to his right, at a desk borrowed from the primary school; the court martial was hosted on its playground. The three giant potbellied frogs squeezed into a tiny desk built for children. Still, they were real men. They were brave fighters. They brushed off the irritations of the terrible sun and appeared to be relaxed. Though they had sentenced him to death, Mande hoped they would let him go. They were true soldiers. Like he was. They wore battle gear, not plain shirts. They also hated the prosecutor and they despised their new roles as judges even more. Mande could see it on their faces, hear it in their voices, smell it in their sweat. Each minute that passed without sign of the doctor increased his hope that it was a trick to save him.

continue reading on the Black Letter Media blog

 978-0-9870198-7-5  A Killing in the Sun

Book details

available at Book Lover’s Market, Smashwords, Amazon, (Createspace within a day), other outlets coming soon.

New Book: Black Letter Media publishes A Killing in the Sun by Dilman Dila

In 2013, Dilman Dila‘s short story, A Killing in the Sun was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. This year, we bring you his debut short story collection titled featuring ten stories in the speculative fiction genre. that draw from Africa’s riulture.

A Killing in the Sun draws from Africa’s rich culture.

“I chose to tackle these issues in sci-fi and fantasy for these genres give us unlimited possibilities to explore human nature,” says Dilman Dila who also has two novellas published and is a filmmaker.



This collection is launching in September at Storymoja Hay Festival in Nairobi, Kenya and in Kampala, Uganda.

read more on the Black Letter Media blog

International Mother Language Day & the Black Letter Media Pledge

Black Letter Media is celebrating International Mother Language Day by focusing on authors who write and publish Afrikan Language literature and by selling African Language literature at Book Lover’s Market. Read more about it in the two blogs posts below.

The 14th annual International Mother Language Day is on the 21st of February, this Friday.

In her message,  UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova wrote,

“The protection and promotion of mother languages are keys to global citizenship and authentic mutual understanding. Understanding and speaking more than one language leads to a greater understanding of the wealth of cultural interactions in our world. Recognizing local languages enables more people to make their voices heard and take an active part in their collective fate. That is why UNESCO makes every effort to promote the harmonious coexistence of the 7,000 languages spoken by humanity.”  ((UNESCO Director-General’s Message. 2014.

Wow, 7000 languages.

read the rest of this blog here.


Black Letter Media wasn’t created out of a vacuum, this company is inspired by an age-old culture of storytelling. And so, this International Mother Language Day, I’m making a pledge, as a reminder that Afrika has so many untold stories, undiscovered and hidden storytellers for whom this movement was created.

This is my Black Letter Media pledge; a commitment to always face, head on, the challenge to:

read our pledge here.

These shorts (a prelude to My Holiday Shorts)

These shorts are made for walking. Or is it boots? I can’t seem to remember how the song goes as I lie on my back. On the beach, squinting at the sun, the taste of bubblegum ice cream still lingering on my tongue. I can hear the delightful squeals of some kids running around on the sand. I can hear the ocean, rising and crashing. The tide coming, sending some people running back onto the beach then as the tide receeds they run after it. Their feet squishing in the freshly wet sand.

I’ve been lying like this for what feels like hours. The sand has crept up my shorts. I wiggle a little, trying to shake it out but I think, I’m just inviting in more sand. The sky is blue. Blue with patches of white puffy clouds. I’ve been staring at the these clouds, making out shapes. I saw a ship earlier. A Cat. An ice cream cone. I can’t make out what shape this is now. Even squinting doesn’t help. Eventually, I give up. I roll over onto my stomach, open my book again. Instantly, I’m transported on another adventure. As more sand creeps up my holiday shorts…

Book Preview now live, read it here.


Order from Book Lover's Market on retailers must contact Black Letter Media on

Coming up from Black Letter Media

The fourth Poetry Potion print quarterly is themed “The Language Issue“. it features interviews with Beninese poet Bernabe Laye and Indian poets Vivek Narayanan and Sabitha TP. This edition also feature poetry in Shona, Tsonga, Zulu and Tswana

Also coming up is our latest anthology of short stories My Holiday Shorts: South African short short stories to enjoy over the holiday. This pocket-sized book is designed to fit comfortably between your holiday adventures.

The journal and the book will be available from Book Lover’s Market.

Our books are doing well on Bookly!

When I first heard about the launch of bookly, an ebook reader app on Mxit, I was super excited. Young people are on Mxit and they are always on the phone – and Black Letter Media wants to reach it’s readers on whatever platform suits them. Having our poetry on bookly has been one great move.

read the rest here

20 South African Poets, a book and DVD, Poetry 99

In 1999, twenty South African poets performed their poetry in Grahamstown.

Poets featured: Robert Berold, Vonani Bila, Ingrid De Kok, Alan Finlay, Richard Fox, Louise Green, Colleen Higgs, Allan Kolski Horwitz, Nosipho Kota, Jethro Louw, Joan Metelerkamp, Isabella Motadinyane, Ike Mboneni Muila, Siphiwe ka Ngwenya, Mxolisi Nyezwa, Donald Parenzee, Lesego Rampolokeng, Dudu Saki, Kelwyn Sole, Anna Varney 

Poetry 99: 20 South African poets in performance from Black Letter Media on Vimeo.

Buy Now at Book Lover’s Market